In the 1980's Mike became a Clinical Lab Scientist and an amateur photographer while in the US Air Force, and fell in love with both fields.

He has worked as a Clinical Lab Scientist for 30+ years, dedicated himself to the art of wedding and portrait photography and since passing his Certified Professional Photographer's exam he's on his way to mastering the craft of Photography.

All of his pursuits have been jam packed with technology and processes, both of which leads to efficient success. The natural progression has caused him to put mechanisms/workflows in place using current technology to limit risk and promote repeatable success.

His experience in these fields, fraternal/religious desire to help his fellow Man and goal for diversity/opportunity for all photographers continues to inspire him to serve the community.



Friday May 19, 2017

10:00am - 11:10am

Workflow Necessities


1:35pm - 2:45pm
Workflow Necessities